Everyone’s orthodontic needs are different. Invisalign can be completed in as little as six months, showing you results in a matter of weeks, depending on how complex your specific case is. However, there are several factors that can boost or interfere with your Invisalign progress, such as:

Drinking or Eating with the Trays in

You always need to remove your aligners prior to eating or drinking unless you are drinking water. If you eat or drink with your aligners in, you can damage or discolor your aligners while also putting your oral health at risk. Food can get stuck between your teeth and the aligners, which can lead to tooth decay or cavities if they are not removed correctly.

Keep in mind that water is the only beverage you should be drinking with your aligners in. Hot drinks like tea or coffee can not only stain your aligners, but they can distort the plastic and make your trays ineffective. Same with food, sugary beverages can get trapped between the teeth and the aligners, which can increase the chances of tooth decay and cavities. Colored drinks can also stain your aligners over time.

Cleaning Aligners with Harmful Products

Do not use products like bleach or strongly colored or scented soaps. Belash is harmful to your aligners and can degrade the plastic, ruining them. With colored or scented soaps, you can end up with residue on your trays. If you use these types of soaps in the long term, it will lead to discoloration, which can be unsightly. The heavily scented soaps may also cause a strong, unpleasant taste.

We recommend that you use Invisalign cleaning crystals or some other gentle cleaner to keep your aligners in good shape.

Not Wearing Them Long Enough Daily

While you can remove your aligners to brush, floss, eat and drink, you need to make sure you are wearing them for at least 20 to 22 hours per day to get the best results. Not wearing them long enough each day can delay your treatment.

Losing Your Aligners

Since you need to wear your aligners a minimum of 20 to 22 hours per day, losing a set can also delay your treatment since you will need to wait for a replacement.

We recommend keeping your aligner case with you. This will prevent you from leaving them behind or accidentally throwing them away. Having a dedicated place, like your case, to place your aligners can help prevent you from losing them.

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