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Braces are a commonly used treatment in orthodontics that gently and slowly move your teeth into the proper position. This treatment corrects many dental problems, including improper bite alignment and tooth spacing, and gives you a beautiful smile.

In the past, braces were metal, cumbersome, and had to be kept in your mouth for years. Now, braces are made from upgraded materials, including metal, ceramic, and plastic. They are sometimes applied using a two-step process—usually for children—that not only creates more room in the mouth for teeth but reduces the amount of time that braces remain in the mouth!

FAQs About Braces

At what age should my child get braces?

This depends on your child’s unique dental needs. Some children can start orthodontic treatment early, as preteens, while others need to wait until their teeth are more developed, waiting until they are teenagers. It is best to schedule an appointment at King Orthodontics to discuss your child’s specific needs and the solutions available to determine when your child should begin orthodontic treatment.

What types of braces are available?

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At King Orthodontics, we offer traditional braces, which are made up of small metal brackets and archwires. Additionally, we offer ceramic braces that are made of a durable combination of ceramic brackets and metal archwires, which are stain-resistant and can be clear or colored to match your teeth for a subtle appearance.

We are also an Invisalign provider. Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic trays to move your teeth gently and gradually into the desired position. They can be removed for eating and drinking, as well as sports and special events.
How much do braces cost?

The cost of orthodontic treatment is a common concern among our patients. Once you’ve had a consultation with your orthodontist, you will be provided with an estimate of your cost. The overall cost of braces will depend on your location, the complexity of your alignment issues, the orthodontic treatment method chosen, and what portion of treatment your dental insurance covers.

If cost remains a concern for you, be sure to speak with our staff about flexible payment plans and other options.

How do braces work?

Traditional braces use a system of archwires, elastics, and brackets to straighten your teeth. The brackets are attached to the teeth and are used to tighten the archwires, applying gentle pressure to the teeth to move them into the desired position.

What can I expect when I get my braces put on?

The procedure for getting your braces on lasts about one to two hours. Your orthodontist will first clean your teeth and dry them thoroughly. Next, they will apply bonding glue to the teeth and begin attaching the brackets. Once the brackets are attached, your orthodontist will attach the archwires to the brackets and secure them in place with elastic bands.

Will I need a retainer after braces?

Once your orthodontic treatment has been completed, and your teeth have been properly aligned, your braces will be removed. The removal process takes about an hour. After the removal, your orthodontist may require you to wear a retainer for several years to maintain the proper alignment. A retainer is a custom-made device that is worn overnight to help prevent your teeth from moving around.

WildSmiles Designer Braces

With our WildSmiles designer braces, children and teens can customize their braces and express their unique personalities! The WildSmiles brackets work the same as traditional brackets but have 25 customizable designs that can be mixed, matched, and paired with different colored elastics for a fun and unique look.

From our Disney collection featuring Mickey Mouse brackets and our signature collection featuring hearts, flowers, basketball brackets, and more, your can create your smile, your way!

Braces for Children, Teens, and Adults

King Orthodontics works with you to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible during your orthodontic treatment. Let our Wexford or Bridgeville team know what we can do for you to make your entire process a more pleasant, comfortable one.
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