You may be surprised by the many new options for orthodontic treatment today. If appearance is a concern for you or your teen, you might want to consider lingual braces.

Lingual braces are mounted on the back of your teeth instead of the front of the teeth. The advantage of this method is nobody will see the metal brackets and wires since they’re positioned on the inside of your mouth.

Lingual Braces Pittsburgh

How do you know if you’re a candidate? 

Here we’ll review a few things to consider when it comes to lingual braces.

Do you have an over-bite?

Some orthodontists do not recommend lingual braces for individuals with over-bites because of the extra pressure on the brackets. A lot of this depends on the severity of the bite and the experience of the orthodontist. The best way to know for sure is to reach out to your trusted orthodontist who has experience working with lingual braces. King Orthodontist is happy to schedule you for an evaluation.

Are you willing to work through speech issues?

With any form of orthodontic treatment, there will be a transition period. Lingual braces tend to make speech tricky because of the restrictions on the tongue to produce sounds against the back of the teeth. It may feel funny in the beginning, but the more you speak aloud and practice, the better your tongue will become at adjusting.

Are you okay with diet restrictions?

Like traditional metal braces, the lingual braces require diet restrictions. You’ll have to avoid anything that is sticky or crunchy. With lingual braces, you have the added disadvantage that you won’t be able to reach or see some of the trapped food so that’s something to consider. Remind your teen to cut their food into smaller pieces to help with that and avoid gum.

Be patient while you adjust to the discomfort

Your tongue will be sore at first. Every time you talk, your tongue will naturally brush against the metal brackets and wires. Don’t worry. This discomfort is temporary and soon enough you will not even think about it. You can use over-the-counter rinses and even warm saltwater in the meantime.

Consider cost

In some cases, lingual braces may be more expensive than your other options, in other cases, they may be less. One thing is for certain: lingual braces do require the right expertise to assemble. Not every orthodontist has the experience to put lingual braces on a patient, so be sure you are with an orthodontist who has been offering this treatment for some time before you make a decision.

Call King Orthodontists to find out if you’re a candidate for lingual braces

Remember, you will adapt to this new change. With smaller brackets available today, discreet options such as lingual braces are making orthodontic treatment better than ever. Soon enough you will have the radiant smile of your dreams. Call King Orthodontists today to inquire about lingual braces for you or your teen.