When you think of orthodontics, it’s common for people to believe that pre-teens and teens need a visit to an orthodontist. Although this true, there is also a variety of reasons why your child should also get an orthodontic evaluation at King Orthodontics.

According to the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO), your child should receive their first orthodontic checkup no later than the age of seven.

pWhy Your Child Should Visit the Orthodontist?

During your child’s exam, the orthodontist can identify a subtle problem related to your child’s jaw growth and issues with emerging teeth while they still have their baby teeth. Although your child’s teeth may appear straight, an orthodontist may detect an underlying problem that may arise as they continue to grow.

During your child’s checkup, it may reveal that your child’s smile is perfectly healthy. An exam may also reveal developing problems which will be monitored along with your child’s growth and development. If needed, your child will begin treatment when it is best for them.

Benefits of Early Treatment

While some dental issues can wait until the appropriate time for the child, other issues identified by an orthodontist can benefit from early treatment. With early treatment, your child’s orthodontist can treat specific issues before they can develop into more severe problems. This allows the orthodontist to help your child achieve satisfactory results that may not be possible if they wait to treat them once the jaw and face stop growing.

Early treatment also helps make treatment at a later age easier for your child, with shorter treatment times and fewer complications. When your child receives early treatment, the orthodontist has the opportunity to:

  • Lessen their risk of trauma to protruded front teeth
  • Improve the child’s appearance
  • Improve bite and the way the lips meet
  • Correct harmful oral habits/complications such as thumb sucking, teeth grinding, tongue thrust, and speech problems
  • Guide the child’s permanent teeth into a straighter, more favorable position

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