Your experience with orthodontic braces will either be a good or bad time, depending on your attitude during the journey toward a perfect smile. Obviously, everyone encountering braces wants the process to run smoothly, but part of the result will depend on how you handle their wear. But by building a relationship with your braces, instead of fighting against them, your odds of stress-free brace wear increase.

Welcome Adjustments & Throw-Out Frustrations

Every healthy relationship involves compromise and adjustments—including the relationship between you and your braces. During the time you wear your braces some instances may arise, which are frustrating and discouraging. From food changes and flying rubber bands to excess brushing and awkward flossing, you may be challenged. Welcoming adjustments and changes is the key to starting off on a good start in the relationship between you and your braces.

Brace Relationship

Floss & Avoid the Sticky

It can be challenging to floss around your braces, possibly even frustrating, but the process is worth the hassle. This is the best way to prevent oral health issues and discomforts during and after brace wear. And even though you’ll floss, it is also worth the while to avoid hard and sticky foods. Gum, chewy candies, and similar sticky treats are not justified by flossing; avoid these types of snacks and foods for ultimate braces comfort. Otherwise, you could damage your braces, and cause great mouth discomfort.

Accept Rubber Bands

Rubber bands, headgear, and other necessary orthodontic accessories are all there to help you and your smile become as healthy as possible. Annoying as they all may be, once you accept their function, their wear is not as bad. Not only that, if you do not make use of these tools when needed, you could be in braces for longer.

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