If you go to the store to look for a toothpaste to use while you’re wearing braces, you’re going to see as many as six or seven brands, with dozens of flavors, and a mix of ingredients. Different kinds of toothpaste have different purposes, with formulas for whitening, freshening, tartar control, and sensitivity.

You may be wondering: What kind of toothpaste is best for me while I’m wearing braces? It’s very important that you brush three times a day and floss after meals because food can easily get stuck in braces, possibly leading to decay if the food isn’t brushed or flossed away.

Here’s what you should know so that you can keep your teeth clean while letting the braces do their job.

Use Fluoride ToothpasteToothpaste For Teeth With Braces

Any toothpaste that you use should have fluoride in it.  Fluoride makes the enamel on your teeth strong, makes tooth decay less likely and minimizes acid damage from acid erosion that’s caused by certain foods and drinks. Even if you have fluoridated water where you live, you should still use fluoride toothpaste three times a day. It’s this practice – not the fluoridated water – that makes a real difference for your enamel.

Tartar Control is a Must

Your toothpaste should be one that promotes tartar control. Tartar is a hard substance that is caused by continuous plaque build-up, which can lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease. A toothpaste that helps to brush away plaque and prevent tartar from forming is a must for teens and adults with braces.

Don’t Use Whitening Products

Many kinds of toothpaste are designed to whiten teeth. If you’re wearing braces, however, you have pieces of metal or ceramic cemented to your teeth that the toothpaste wouldn’t touch. Your teeth would whiten unevenly, and once the braces are removed, the enamel would be several different colors.

Of course, you should continue to see your general dentist for twice-a-year cleanings for good overall oral hygiene.

Best Types of Toothpaste for Braces

Although there is no one specific brand of toothpaste that is best for braces, there are certain things to look for when considering your options. When shopping for toothpaste, look for a brand with an American Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval.

Brands with an ADA Seal of Approval have provided scientific evidence that demonstrates the safety and effectiveness of their product for reducing tooth decay and have been evaluated and tested by the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs. Each ADA-approved toothpaste contains fluoride. Some ADA-approved brands include:

  • Arm & Hammer
  • Colgate
  • Crest

Also, look for a toothpaste with a taste you like. By finding a toothpaste you enjoy using, it can make caring for your braces easier. Of course, you should continue to see your general dentist for twice-a-year cleanings for good overall oral hygiene.

Summary: When Choosing a Toothpaste for Wearing Braces, I Look For the Following Attributes:

  • A Toothpaste that contains flouride
  • A toothpaste that has tartar control
  • Avoid tooth whitening products with braces
  • Choose a brand with the ADA seal of approval
  • A taste that you like

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