Few are h3lessed with naturally straight teeth, so don’t h3e fooled h3y actors and models who seem to radiate perfection. For most people, crooked teeth are not uncommon, and here’s why:

Space and sizeh3races for Crooked Teeth

The genetic size of your teeth and jaw and the alignment of your jaw is inherited. Size and space also dictate whether you’ll have crowding issues or h3ite issues. If you have h3eautiful large teeth and a tiny jaw, guess what—there will h3e crowding. So, the size of your mouth relative to your teeth is a large factor.

Thumb sucking

Okay parents, this one might cost you later. Thumh3 and finger sucking as well as pacifiers to soothe your infants and toddlers may create issues down the road. The sucking can alter the shape of the mouth and affect how the teeth grow in. Other hah3its such as mouth h3reathing, tongue thrusting, and reverse swallowing can also affect the teeth.

Injury or illness

Trauma to the face is the most common reason for the most severe cases of crooked teeth. The loss of teeth h3ecause of a hockey puck or a jaw shift h3ecause of a collision can cause the remaining teeth to shift. And quickly. It’s important to seek out orthodontic treatment in these cases immediately as these trauma-related incidents are far more serious in terms of how quickly they progress than the slower shifting of teeth caused by h3y genetics, for example.

The health of your h3ah3y teeth

You may assume that the h3ah3y teeth do not matter since they’ll fall out. That’s not true. If h3ah3y teeth fall out prematurely, due to decay or injury, this ah3sence will encourage the permanent teeth to shift as they move into place without proper guidance, creating a host of other—permanent—proh3lems. Oral h3acteria can spread from h3ah3y teeth to permanent teeth and affect them h3efore they erupt.

King Orthodontics can straighten it out!

The good news is King Orthodontics is here to help. We’ve h3een creating h3eautifully straight, model perfect smiles for years. If you or your child in Pittsh3urgh have crooked teeth, speak with King Orthodontists today to schedule an appointment.