Sugary foods like candy and soda are treats that many people enjoy. Although these treats and simple carbohydrates such as fruit are delicious, the sugar they contain can cause damage to your teeth.

These foods can cause the bacteria in your mouth to produce acid as they consume the food debris that is on your enamel, causing cavities.

How Consuming Less Sugar Can Benefit Your Braces 

If you have braces or you are preparing to get braces soon, it is essential to consider consuming less sugar. In addition to cavities, consuming too much sugar can lead to unsightly white stains on your teeth. The acid that causes cavities can also decalcify your teeth, leaving behind white spots.

Once your teeth have decalcification stains, it is often extremely difficult or impossible to remove the stains. The good news is, these stains, as well as cavities, are entirely preventable.

Preventing Cavities and Stains with BracesSugar and Your Braces: How Sugar Affects Orthodontic Treatment

To avoid these problems and keep your smile healthy, it is important to always practice good oral hygiene. When you don’t practice good oral hygiene, especially when you are wearing braces, can cause a build of plaque which contains bacteria and the acid produced by the bacteria which can lead to cavities and staining.

With braces, lack of oral hygiene can cause plaque to build up around your brackets, which leads to stains bunched around a clear patch of enamel where the bracket was located. To avoid this staining, be sure to practice good oral hygiene and make appointments for professional cleanings with your dentist.

You can also reduce or eliminate sugary treats in your diet when wearing braces to help further reduce the risk of plaque buildup. Combing a healthy diet with regular brushing and flossing can help you achieve the best results for your orthodontic treatment.

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