If you require orthodontic treatment, you’ll probably first hear about it from your regular dentist (or your child’s dentist) at one of your bi-annual appointments. People are surprised to hear that not only teenagers can get braces—children under 10 and adults can, too.

Your Teeth Can Be Treated at Any Age


When kids need orthodontic care, there are usually several signs: some are noticeable, and some are not. Kids should see an orthodontist by the age of 7 to determine if they may have bite or jaw problems that they can’t see. An orthodontist will give them a comprehensive exam that includes x-rays of their skull, jaw bones, and teeth to see if there are problems with the size of the jaw, adult teeth that can’t descend into position, or issues with their bite.

If your child seems to be having trouble chewing their food, or if their teeth are spaced too far apart or are crowded, then it’s a good idea to see an orthodontist. He or she may suggest two-phase treatment, which helps to fix early bite and jaw problems, and then want to see then again as teens in order to continue some more treatment.


Of course, one of the first signs of needing to visit the orthodontist is easy to see: crooked teeth. Look in the mirror and bring the teeth from your upper and lower jaw together. If your lower teeth jut out past your upper teeth, your teeth are widely spaced, or your teeth are so close to each other that they overlap, you should definitely visit an orthodontist.


Adults who require treatment from an orthodontist may have trouble digesting food. Decades of poorly aligned teeth and jaws can cause difficulty chewing foods, leading to digestive problems. Adult’s jawbones are “set” and will no longer grow, which can make some dental care more difficult. However, more and more adults are now going to the orthodontist to feel better about their teeth, and many are wearing braces or clear plastic aligners to improve their smile.

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