Is your teen adjusting to braces? Like anything new, adjusting to braces will take a little time, but here are some tips to ease that transition.

Teen Braces

Be your teen’s soft place to fall

Those first few days of adjustment may be uncomfortable. Stock the fridge with your teen’s favorite cold drinks and ice cream and make their favorite soup or other soft foods they like. They may need to use wax in places of discomfort. If there is any specific problem though, don’t hesitate to call and come see us so we can address it.

Equip your teen with the tools they need

Consider an electric toothbrush or water pik to help your teen keep those pearly whites clean. You can pick up extra floss threaders at the local store to help your teen thread the floss behind wires. Positive reinforcement goes a long way too.

Gentle reminders of proper care

Teens are on the go these days, and between school and their various activities, it’s easy for them to forget they can’t eat chips or chewy candy and that they need to allow extra time to floss around those wires. Gentle reminders are good and be sure to stock the pantry and fridge with healthy items they can eat. Patience, it’s important.

Consider a mouth guard

During sports, or any activity where injury is possible, consider a mouth guard to protect your teen’s teeth. Talk to King Orthodontist about which one is the right choice for your teen—such as a silicone mouth guard that is more comfortable than hard plastic yet still protects the brackets. A previous mouth guard won’t fit over the braces, so be sure to get something new that works.

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