Are you interested in Invisalign, but were told you’re not a candidate? We recommend you get a second opinion from an orthodontist with a proven record of using Invisalign. Nearly all malocclusions can be treated with Invisalign, so there is no reason why you should miss out on all of the wonderful benefits of this treatment option.

The choice should be yours not theirs as to whether you choose Invisalign or not.

The straightening of your teeth is achieved through forces applied in a certain direction. While braces apply these forces using wires, Invisalign applies forces using aligners. Your orthodontist should be able to review the pros and cons of both methods and answer any questions you have, but ultimately the choice should be yours—not theirs.

Why might you be told no to Invisalign?

  • Lack of expertise. Doctors who lack the knowledge and experience using Invisalign may steer you away from this option. Maybe they don’t feel comfortable because of a lack of experience. There really is no reason why anyone can’t be treated with Invisalign.
  • Certain complexities present challenges to less experienced practitioners. No matter what you opt for—braces or Invisalign—you may have skeletal constraints that require additional treatment through the use of appliances such as expanders or in some cases, surgery. None of this should affect your decision to opt for Invisalign, but because it adds complexity to your total treatment, a less experienced practitioner may veer away. Get a second opinion.
  • An alternative is suggested. In the case where the practitioner recommends veneers or crowns, or some other option in lieu of braces, to achieve a straightened appearance, you should definitely get a second opinion. The last thing you want is for your options to be limited because of a practitioner’s own lack of know-how.

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