AcceleDent, an FDA approved medical device, is designed to accelerate your orthodontic treatment. Who wouldn’t want fewer months of wearing braces?

How effective is AcceleDent?

AcceleDent has been proven to be highly effective, speeding up treatment by 50 percent for thousands of patients with only twenty minutes of use every day. Those are powerful stats.

AcceleDent augments, not replaces, your aligners

Similar to in concept, AcceleDent is a mouthpiece you keep at home and use during the daily treatments. The difference is, you only need to use it for twenty minutes each day.

When you bite on your AcceleDent mouthpiece, SoftPulse technology sends gentle and carefully calibrated micropulses to accelerate your tooth movement. It’s that easy.

Following the twenty-minute treatment, you continue wearing your Invisalign aligners as usual. So, AcceleDent does not replace your existing Invisalign—the two work in tandem for a spectacular result.

Will it work for me?

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? With shorter treatment times and less discomfort reported, can everyone use AcceleDent?

Orthodontists everywhere are recommending AcceleDent for their patients, including King Orthodontics. The procedure is available as part of the treatment plan for a wide range of patients, including adult relapse treatment care.

Ask your orthodontist at King about AcceleDent today to see if it’s an option for you!