King Orthodontics Dental Center provides Damon braces for the residents of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Are you or your children in need of braces? Your dentist may have recommended you to an Orthodontist. Unlike a regular dental center, orthodontists specialize in the straitening of teeth. There are several orthodontic options that are available to the patient today. Damon braces are a recent alternative to traditional braces. These braces use a self-ligating system that includes high technology wires and tieless brackets that use a clip to hold the archwire in the brackets.

Here are the Advantages of Damon Braces over Traditional Braces

  • Traditional braces require elastic ties to bind the brackets to the archwire which makes cleaning difficult. Damon braces are tieless so they are easier to clean.
  • Traditional braces often have rough edges that can catch your cheeks and inside lips and may cause sores. Damon braces are designed to have a smoother surface for more comfort.
  • The elastic and metal ties of traditional braces require routine tightening of the wire whereas Damon braces to not require tightening.
  • Fewer visits to the dental center or orthodontist than traditional braces
  • Treatment times are shorter
  • Better appearance during treatment due to less bulky wires and invisible brackets
  • Rapid palatal expanders and tooth extractions are not needed. They are also a good choice for those with those who have severe underbites, overbites and crossbites.

About King Orthodontics

To see if you need braces, see your dentist at your local dental center. For orthodontic care, contact King Orthodontics. At King Orthodontics, they offer the latest in orthodontic technology and treatments for their patients. For 30 years, they have provided the children and adults of the Pittsburgh area with great smiles at their state of the art facilities. King Orthodontics has two convenient locations; One in Wexford and the other is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They have also been recognized as Invisalign’s 2014 Elite Top 1% provider.