Curing your bad breath can only begin once you know why an unpleasant aroma is emanating from your mouth. There are many possible reasons for having bad breath, as well as various ways to remedy each issue. Whether the bad breath is due to mere dry mouth or from severe infections, King Orthodontics of Wexford will help get your breath back to clean, fresh, and confident. Below are some of the most common issues related to bad breath.

Rid of Dry Mouth Misery

When you have severe dry mouth it is usually due to minimal salivation in general. Whether from mouth breathing, a medication’s side-effect, or similar, a decrease in salivation will undoubtedly cause miserable dry mouth. Thus stimulating salivation is the best remedy for dry mouth, so breathe through your nose, drink plenty of water, chew sugar-free gum, etc. … to stimulate your mouth’s saliva glands.

Curing Bad Breath

Evaluate Your Oral Hygiene Habits

If you are consistently having bouts of bad breath, you may want to reevaluate your oral hygiene and eating habits. Regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing go far in maintaining the health of your mouth. Proper oral hygiene will minimize plaque build-up, greatly reduce your risk of mouth infections, and will—you guessed it—eliminate bad breath! Also, if you are smoking, using chew, or eating foods with potent and lingering smells, adjusting your oral habits and meal choices is a good decision.

Schedule a Dental Check-Up

Once you have tried a few tips and tricks on curing and preventing bad breath, and still can not execute the smell causing germs then a dentist is your next answer. A dentist will be able to confirm whether your bad breath is due to mild irritants or something a bit more severe. Bad breath, in some cases, is a symptom of a larger issue such as mouth infections to gum disease, and similar. If the aroma of your speech is unfavorable and you’ve tried home remedies already, contact a dentist as soon as possible.

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