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Imagine how your life could be with the smile of your dreams!

At King Orthodontics, every smile is important. That’s why when you invest in braces or Invisalign to achieve that
spectacular smile you deserve, you brighten your future health and happiness. Serving people of all ages in Pittsburgh for
more than forty years, King Orthodontics prides ourselves on providing exceptional service right in your neighborhood, at
convenient hours.

Wexford, PA Braces

Wexford, PA Braces

Nearly 75 percent of children and teenagers require orthodontic treatment. The earlier you begin corrective treatment, the more effective it is. Your child will spend less time overall in braces.

We offer an array of choices to straighten teeth
and correct bite, including:

  • Traditional metal braces.
  • Ceramic or clear plastic braces.
  • Braces positioned behind the teeth.
Invisalign Wexford, PA

Invisalign® - Wexford, PA

Invisalign®, an innovative system which uses clear plastic aligners to gently position teeth, are extremely popular, and deliver the same results as traditional metal braces.

  • King Orthodontics are the Top 1% of
    Invisalign Providers!
  • Removable aligners ease daily oral hygiene.
  • Straightened teeth are not susceptible to jaw, speech or chewing difficulties.
Invisalign Teen Pittsburgh

Invisalign Teen® - Wexford, PA

The teenage years can be rife with academic, social, and extracurricular pressure—but when it comes to that radiant smile, your teenager is in good hands with King Orthodontics. Is your teen unsure of traditional metal braces? Ask about Invisalign Teen, which offers:

  • A clear, nearly invisible, removable aligner.
  • Allows your teenager to brush, floss, and care for his or her teeth and gums without the hassle of wires and brackets to work around.
  • Removable! No dietary restrictions makes the adjustment to this orthodontic treatment that much easier.

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About Our Orthodontists:

Our Orthodontists have treated over 3000 Invisalign Patients and are considered pioneers in the industry.

  • Lifetime Achievement Award recipients from Invisalign
  • Top 1% Provider 2017



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