As you get closer to the end of your orthodontic treatment and prepare for your braces to be removed, you may be wondering about what will happen once they have been taken off. To ease any concerns you may have and to help you prepare for the removal, King Orthodontics has put together of list of things to expect once your braces come off and how to care for your new smile. 

Don’t Worry About Pain During Braces Removal

The removal process for braces does not require anesthetic and is a relatively quick procedure; in some cases, only taking about an hour to complete. To remove the braces, your orthodontist will use a tool to clip the brackets. They will then use another tool to help polish off the remaining bonding material on your teeth. 

Once this is complete, they will take photographs of your teeth to compare them with your original photos.

White Spots May Be Present on Your Teeth

Once your braces are removed, you may notice that you have white spots on your teeth. This is caused by leaving food or plaque on your teeth for days, weeks, or months. If plaque and food aren’t brushed away, it can cause damage to your teeth, resulting in white spots.

Fortunately, these white spots can be treated after the removal to eliminate them.

You Will Need to Wear a Retainer

After the removal of your braces, you will be given a retainer to wat that will help keep your teeth in their new, straight position. You may have a permanent retainer placed, or you may be given one that is removable and typically worn at night. This will depend on the recommendation from your orthodontist.

Caring for Your Teeth Doesn’t Stop After Braces

You will visit your orthodontics for a few more checkups after your braces have been removed for retainer checks. These short checkups allow your orthodontist to make sure you are wearing your retainer consistently and that your teeth are staying in their new position.

You may also consider visiting your dentist for a check-up and cleaning after your braces have been removed as well. 

To learn more about treatment with braces or what you should expect at your braces removal appointment, contact King Orthodontics today!