In this digital age where you can access nearly everything online, you might be wondering what about While it might seem appealing to never have to schedule an appointment or make time in your busy day to get to an office and into that chair, there are serious limitations.

First, how does it work?

Online orthodontics involves you taking an impression of your own teeth using putting and a tray mailed to your home. You then mail the impressions back and a dentist examines them and, using 3D modeling software, suggests a course of treatment. A set of clear aligners are made just for you. Sounds straightforward, right?

What if something is missed? 

An impression sent in the mail does not include critical information about your oral health. For example, do you have cavities, gum disease, chips? An impression will not convey the complete picture of your oral health — including any issues that are important to address prior to entering into the orthodontic treatment of any kind.

Nothing can replace the quality of an in-person examination

While it might sound tempting to side-step the in-person examination, in the end, it may cause you more money or anxiety. At King Orthodontics, we take X-rays and use them as insight as to whether you are a candidate, number one, and to determine if there are any other alignment issues related to your bones or teeth that could affect treatment. It’s impossible to know if anything is missed when you bypass the office exam.

Is your treatment moving along as it should? What if a problem arises? Would you even know?

Without regular checkups to ensure everything is working as it should, you are on your own at home. There is a missed opportunity for tweaks or alterations, perhaps that could shorten the length of treatment. Also, if a problem were to arise, who would you call?

Still not sure?

When it comes to your oral health, we recommend an in-person professional. Our centrally located King Orthodontics offices are staffed and equipped to offer appointments when and where you need them, getting you back on your way in record time. Call us today to inquire.