Patients sometimes tell us, “I wish there was a way that I could wear my braces for a shorter period of time.” Now there IS a way! AcceleDent is an FDA-approved device that speeds up the movement of your teeth while you’re wearing your braces or plastic aligners. We’ve been seeing some amazing results, too. Here is what our patients have to say

“Instead of changing my Invisalign trays every two weeks, I can now switch them about every week, which means instead of wearing orthodontics for 14 months, I’ll be done around seven or eight months! It’s really amazing how it works.”

“Using AcceleDent has made it much more comfortable to wear my braces. Every time I have my wires adjusted, it’s a real pain. But now I look forward to getting my wires changed because I know that AcceleDent will make the transition smoother and make my teeth feel better.”

“I love AcceleDent not only for how quickly it’s making my teeth move but because it’s a non-surgical approach.”

Our adult and teen patients will sometimes ask if there’s anything they can do about wearing braces or Invisalign aligners for so long. Some of them work in customer service and want a more confident smile. Others are getting married soon and would like their wedding pictures to show their new look. Now, we can offer them AcceleDent.

How Does AcceleDent Work?

  1. Your orthodontist will fit you for the AcceleDent device. This is done to ensure that the mouthpiece fits snugly around your braces or aligner trays. (AcceleDent must be used WITH your existing orthodontic appliances.)
  2. For 20 minutes every single day, you should wear AcceleDent. You’ll turn on the activator, and it will generate small vibrations using SoftPulse Technology™.
  3. The vibration will safely accelerate the bone movement in your mouth, which means that the rate of tooth movement will increase.
  4. Patients who use Acceledent in conjunction with their braces or with aligners like Invisalign can experience as much as a 50 percent increase in tooth movement.

King Orthodontics is one of the few orthodontist offices in Pittsburgh to offer AcceleDent. We have convenient locations both in Downtown Pittsburgh and in Wexford. Call us today to hear about how we can greatly reduce the amount of time that it takes to straighten your teeth.