It’s great to active! Movement and motion are an important part of making sure our bodies remain healthy and strong. Many people enjoy staying active through sports and sports-related activities.

While being involved in sports is important for your health, you should also make sure that your mouth is protected while you’re playing and having fun.

Active? How to Keep Your Smile Protected!

Protect your mouth the right way. It’s important that you keep your entire mouth protected – not just your teeth. That means that you should make sure your teeth, gums, tongue, and inner and outer mouth are covered. A mouthguard should be used for high- or medium-contact sports, including football, martial arts, soccer, rugby, and hockey. There are certain kinds of mouth guards that you can use:

 Sports Mouth Guard

  • Ready-to-wear. These guards are commonly sold at sporting goods sports and other large stores with sporting goods departments. They come in several sizes, including small, medium, and large. While they are inexpensive, they often don’t fit very well since they are one size fits many, and may not fully protect you.
  • Boil guards. These guards also come in small, medium, and large sizes. You buy the proper size and then boil them for a few minutes in water until they become soft. Then, you bite into them to create a mold. They will harden and protect your teeth when you place them on your teeth.
  • Custom guards. These guards are made at dentist’s or orthodontist’s offices. A mold is taken of your teeth, and then a guard is created that fits exactly. They’re durable and custom made, so this kind of protection is necessary so that your guard isn’t knocked out of your mouth if you receive a hard hit.

If you play sports and wear braces, ask King Orthodontics about a mouth guard that will protect your teeth, lips, and gums during sports. Call us today with any questions or to set up an appointment at our Wexford or Downtown Pittsburgh office.