Imagine you’re on vacation, far from home and your orthodontist, and the airline misplaces your luggage that contains your Invisalign aligners. Or, your child removes his or her Invisalign at the pizza party Friday night and now they’re at the bottom of a garbage can. What do you do?

Don’t panic. Orthodontists have heard it all. King Orthodontics has some helpful tips to prevent problems, especially while traveling.

Be prepared—pack your previous and future sets in your carry-onInvisalign Elite Provier

Always travel with your aligners in your carry-on or purse. Bring an extra case. That way if you leave one behind, you have a spare. We also advise you to bring your previous and future sets while wearing your current set.

If something should happen to your current set, and you’ve just started wearing them, put the previous set in until you get home. Likewise, if you’re toward the end of your time with the current set and they go missing, pop in the future set. Not sure? Call King Orthodontics and we’ll help remind you.

Order replacement aligners

Are you planning to be away for longer than two weeks? In this case, King Orthodontist can order you replacements and have them shipped to you, but continue wearing your current set.

Set reminders on your phone

Any kind of change in your routine has the potential to throw off your Invisalign schedule. Set reminders on your phone. Can’t get to a bathroom to floss and brush between meals? Rinse your mouth with water and set a reminder on your phone to brush and floss so when you get back to your hotel room.

Bon voyage!

Traveling can be stressful enough without the added worry of keeping up with your orthodontic treatment and care. But hopefully now you’ve picked up a few extra tips that will make your next getaway smooth sailing! Still need help? Call King Orthodontics.