Oral piercings are currently trendy and cool, so it may be something you have been thinking of doing. If you have been thinking about getting an oral piercing lately, it is important to understand the health risks that come with having an oral piercing. If you already have one, it is still important to understand the risks.

Increased Risk of Infection with Oral Piercings

Your mouth contains millions of bacteria, and even without an oral piercing, it is not uncommon for people to develop an occasional infection. When you add an oral piercing, it can increase your chances of getting an infection.

Another way your infection risk increases is that many people with piercings tend to develop the habit of touching them.

With the bacteria on your hands paired with the bacteria in your mouth, it creates a perfect environment for infection. With a piercing in your mouth, you can also get food particles stuck in the piercing, which can accumulate, causing serious health concerns.

Tooth and Braces Damage with an Oral Piercing

In addition to the risk of infection, you also risk damaging your teeth. For many people, it is hard to ignore the presence of the oral piercing, which can lead to playing with the piercings or biting down on them. You could fracture the enamel of the tooth, requiring a filling to repair it, but you may also end up with a deeper fracture, which may require a root canal or tooth extraction to remedy the issue. Biting down on your piercing by accident could also lead to damage to your braces, which can cause pain and could delay your treatment.

With an oral piercing, you also risk hindering your ability to eat and talk. You are also at risk for gum damage, nerve damage, and possible loss of taste.

Healing Time for an Oral Piercing

If you still have the desire to get an oral piercing, it is important to understand the amount of tie it will take to heal properly. Oral piercings can take anywhere from four to six weeks to heal and can be extremely uncomfortable during this process. It is important to give the piercing that time to heal to avoid infection.

Braces for Adults and Teens

be sure to consider the risks of infection and stalling your orthodontic treatment before you get an oral piercing. Whether you have braces or not, these risks can lead to serious health issues and tooth damage. If you have any questions about oral piercings and oral health or would like to schedule an exam for braces.