Damon braces are an excellent alternative to traditional braces if you require teeth straightening. Although they are considered state of the art in comparison to traditional braces, they are similar in certain ways. Generally speaking, Damon braces consist of a system that more naturally guides the teeth so that they feel more comfortable than the standard metallic braces that have been around for many years.

If you require dental health at a dental center that requires you to get braces, Damon braces are a great way to go about ensuring that your teeth will be straightened. Damon braces do not require the removal of any teeth or using palatal expanders. Instead, the system that makes up these special types of braces is self-ligating and utilizes a clip with a door that replaces elastics or other components that tie the teeth together. The door essentially bridges any gaps, allowing the teeth to move into proper position far more gently. This system is increasing in popularity at many dental centers as it ensures that your dental health needs are met without pain. They are also flexible and therefore, do not put extreme pressure on the teeth. This means that you will not need to make frequent trips to your local dental center because you will not need as many adjustments as you would with traditional braces.

Your dental health benefits greatly as a result of Damon braces due to the fact that they produce much lower friction in the mouth and are gentle on the teeth. In addition, they are far easier to clean due to the lack of ties. The appearance of the facial expressions on an individual who uses them is also more natural as there are no painful components such as those used in traditional metallic braces. The system is preferable to both kids and adults who need their teeth straightened and can ensure faster improvement in dental health. Check with your local dental center about Damon braces.