When you wear braces, it may seem like your orthodontic treatment will never end! At King Orthodontics, we understand why you’re so eager. You want to be able to eat and drink just what you want, when you want. It can be hard to brush your teeth with braces on. And, of course, you have to visit us a lot for regular checkups. (Your parents probably aren’t too thrilled with that one, either!)

In every instance, though, your orthodontic treatment is customized to your teeth. When you came into Dr. King’s office for your first consultation, you had:

  • X-rays taken
  • measurements taken
  • a complete oral exam completed: your mouth, jaw, and gums were examined
  • impressions made of your teeth and gums

From these, Dr. King or Dr. Babb were able to discuss your treatment plan, and probably gave you a range of time for treatment: maybe 20-24 months, on average. The time is takes for your teeth to straighten depends on many different factors, including what correction the braces are making, how large or small your jaw or mouth is, and your age.

What Do Braces Correct?

Braces are used to correct many different problems:

  • Overcrowding—when your jaw is too small or narrow to fit all of your teeth
  • Gapping—when there is too much room between your teeth due to a wide jawbone or missing teeth
  • Crossbite—a misalignment of the lower and upper jaw
  • Overbite—when your upper teeth bite over your lower teeth
  • Underbite—when your lower teeth jut over your upper teeth
  • Open bite—when your upper and lower jaw do not meet

Each of these issues is treated with braces, but the amount of time it takes for each problem—and for each person—varies greatly. When your teeth are straight, your bite is corrected, the spaces between your teeth are tight without overcrowding, you should be close to the end of your treatment.

Call King Orthodontics or visit one of their convenient locations in Wexford or downtown Pittsburgh to learn more about how braces can improve your bite and your smile.