At King Orthodontics, we constantly strive to provide our patients with the highest quality, most effective orthodontic treatment options, which is why we are pleased to offer our patients LightForce Braces!

LightForce Braces are the world’s first 3D printed braces that can be completely customized to suit your smile! At King Orthodontics, we’ve put together a guide to help you learn what to expect with this new, innovative treatment option!

What are LightForce Braces?

LightForce is the first digital planning and 3D printing orthodontic system that is designed to create fully customized dental braces. This is one of the most cutting-edge technologies for braces in the world! With this sophisticated system, our orthodontists can provide a custom treatment that wasn’t available until now. With 3D technology, every bracket is customized to fit each tooth perfectly.

With this technology, we can design each bracket around the patient’s teeth for a perfect fit every time, making treatment more efficient and comfortable. This means fewer office visits and a shorter treatment time.

The LightForce System

The LightForce System is made up of four main components, which include:

LightPlan Treatment Software

Your orthodontist will use this intuitive digital planning software to create and adjust a custom treatment plan based on the digital scans of your mouth taken during your initial consultation.


LightTray indirect bonding (IBD) trays are 3D printed for each patient and are used to improve the accuracy of the brace placement.

LightForce Brackets

LightForce uses 3D-printed ceramic braces that are available with customized slots and bases. This gives the orthodontist precise control of the movement of your teeth because we can configure them to your specific treatment plan.

Bite Turbos

These miniature trays are an available option for patients who require bite correction. Additionally, they can be used to avoid undesired tooth contact during your treatment. If you need them, your orthodontist will bond bite turbos to your teeth during treatment; the patient can’t remove them once they have been placed.

How LightForce Braces Work

Initial Consultation

All the necessary planning will be done digitally, meaning no uncomfortable impression or plaster molds are needed. During your initial consultation for LightForce Braces, your orthodontist will complete a comprehensive digital scan of your teeth which will be used to customize the brackets for each of your teeth.

Treatment Planning

We will use the LightFore software to create an initial treatment plan based on your teeth scans. With this plan, we will outline the expected movement of your teeth and will customize the plan based on your current alignment and treatment needs.

LightForce Braces and Trays

Your LightForce treatment plan will have two major 3D components, including the tray and the braces. Once your treatment plan has been approved, we will 3D-print the trays and braces needed to move your teeth in accordance with your treatment plan.

Your orthodontist will apply your brackets directly to your teeth, and the trays will allow for more precise bracket placement. This technique ensures more effective treatment. If bite turbos are part of your treatment plan, they will also be placed when your brackets are placed.

Benefits of LightForce Braces

With traditional braces, you get a predetermined prescription, but when you use LightForce braces, you get a completely customized treatment plan. Your braces will be 3-D printed to provide the strength and precision needed to move your teeth in accordance with your treatment plan.

Traditional braces, on the other hand, are mass-produced and require us to place each bracket on each tooth one bracket at a time. This is a meticulous process that can take up a lot of our time and your time! With LightForce Braces, we use indirect bonding, meaning we place the brackets on a model of your teeth in the exact position we’ve prescribed. They are then fit into the trays, then sealed, and cured. After this process, we can bond the brace directly to your teeth. In some cases, we can place an entire set of upper and lower braces within an hour using this method.

LightForce Braces allow us to tailor your braces to your dental anatomy for optimal results in a shorter time span. You can achieve a straighter, healthier smile in a shorter amount of time when compared to traditional braces.

Experience the LightForce Revolution at King Orthodontics

At King Orthodontics, we can create a fully customized treatment plan with 3D-printed LghtForce braces to give your smile the top-quality treatment it deserves! Contact us today to learn more!