When your orthodontist begins to prepare you for orthodontic treatment, he or she will have to do quite a bit of work to ensure that your braces are properly fitted.

First, you’ll have to undergo some x-rays and have measurements taken. Unfortunately, this part of the process includes the goopy mess that’s used to make impressions of your teeth. It’s important because your orthodontist will be able to design the right plan for you and your teeth.

Now, though, there’s something better, less messy, and more accurate: iTero Element.

High-Tech System for Accurate Measurements

iTero Element is used by orthodontists who use the Invisalign system, a removable, clear set of plastic aligners that are custom-fitted to your teeth and straighten them just like braces do. The iTero Element is:

  • Clean and Less Invasive. The goop that is used to create a mold or impression of your teeth is no more! Instead, the iTero Element is simply a wand that is passed over your teeth, sending images to the system that will quickly scan your teeth’s measurements. There’s no mess—just a quick scan that’s painless and that will help your orthodontist develop your treatment plan.
  • More Accurate. When the scan is performed, the digital interface makes it much more accurate than the traditional molds. The better that the scan is, the better your Invisalign trays will fit your upper and lower teeth, and the faster your treatment time will be.
  • Fast and Easy with Great Results. The scanning takes just a few minutes and is performed using a wand that measures your teeth and gums. Your orthodontist will create your Invisalign treatment plan, and the images are then transmitted to the labs that construct the aligners. You could have your aligners ready weeks faster than what it normally takes.

King Orthodontics, conveniently located in the North Hills and in downtown Pittsburgh, uses the iTero system to accurately and quickly measure patients as they begin their orthodontic treatment. Call us today for a consultation. We’ll help you get a healthy smile!