You may be surprised to learn that the recommended age for your child’s first orthodontic evaluation is seven years old. While this doesn’t mean your seven-year-old will be ready for braces at that time, it does allow us to get a picture of what’s happening to prevent big picture issues.

What can we assess about your child at age 7

Your child’s first adult teeth will begin to emerge around age seven. That’s why the timing is good to get

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Started. With our two-phase treatment, we will be able to identify any big-picture issues that prevent normal skeletal development such as:

  • narrow jaw
  • crossbite, overbite, underbite
  • protruding teeth

Phase 1

By identifying big picture skeletal issues early, the entire treatment process will be more efficient. This equates to less time in braces—or no braces at all—for your child. Phase 1 treatment addresses any underlying issues early, while your child is still growing and developing, instead of after the fact.

It may be that your child’s upper or lower jaw is not growing, which impacts their teeth. Less space means more crowding, more crooked teeth, and potentially speech problems. Expanders or other appliances may be used to correct malocclusions. Regular check-ups will assess progress.

Phase 2

In many cases, early treatment will prevent your child from even needing a phase two. Or, it will lessen the extent of treatment later, thereby shortening the amount of time in braces overall. Phase 2 typically begins when all permanent teeth are in, usually between the ages of 10 and 14. Phase 2 consists of braces or aligners, followed by retainer usage. During treatment, your orthodontist may suggest rubber bands.

Schedule your child’s first visit today!

By taking proactive steps, your child will be on his or her way to a radiant, healthy smile! If your child is seven years old, it’s time to schedule that first evaluation. King Orthodontists have been the leading provider of braces and Invisalign in the Pittsburgh area, and we look forward to meeting you and your child.