If you’ve recently finished your course of treatment with Invisalign, you may be wondering how you can keep your beautiful new smile in the best condition. If you went to your orthodontist appointments every time they were scheduled, you were careful to remove your aligners when eating and drinking, and you practiced good oral health, then keeping your new smile looking great will be no problem.

Keep Your Invisalign Smile Looking Like New

Here are a couple of tips to follow so that your smile continues to look amazing.

Invisalign Smile

  • Visit Your Dentist Every Six Months. Now that your main orthodontic treatment is over, you want to make sure that you continue to see your general dentist twice a year for checkups. Your dentist will be able to see if there are any potential problems, and you’ll get a good cleaning too.
  • Wear a Retainer. Invisalign treatment is similar to other orthodontic treatments. In other words, once it ends, your teeth may try to move back into their original position without some guidance. For teens, your teeth could start moving back into their original position within just a few weeks! It’s very important to wear a retainer, as determined by your orthodontist. You may have to wear it one day and night (though you will remove it to eat, drink, and brush, just like you did with your Invisalign trays). Then, your orthodontist may ask you to wear a retainer only at night.
  • Continue Practicing Good Oral Hygiene. Now that your smile is new, you have to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy so that you can enjoy your smile for decades to come. Brushing and flossing 2-3 times a day is very important. You want your teeth to remain untouched by gum disease or other oral problems that could affect your smile or your bite.

Many of King Orthodontic’s patients are choosing the ease and flexibility of Invisalign. Pittsburgh patients love being able to remove their trays when eating and drinking, and they also appreciate that they’re receiving treatment with aligners that are nearly invisible! Call King Orthodontics today and set up a consultation at either our Wexford or downtown Pittsburgh office.