A common question we get from both teens and adults who are getting braces is: can you kiss while wearing braces? You may have heard stories of people getting their braces stuck together while kissing. Although these stories may make you apprehensive when it comes to kissing, these instances are not very common.

With the advances in modern braces, kissing with braces on is not something that you should be worried about. The smaller, smoother parts are less likely to get snagged on things, like another set of braces or your girlfriend or boyfriend’s lip.Can you kiss with braces?

If it’s your first kiss or if you’ve had issues in the past kissing with braces on, follow these helpful tips to make your experience worry-free:

Keep your mouth closed

If this is your first time kissing the person, be sure to keep your mouth closed until you both get used to each other and learn what works with your braces and what doesn’t.

Take your time

If both parties are wearing braces or if it is your first time kissing with braces on, it is important to go slow. Even though it’s unlikely your braces will snag, you could snag your partner’s tongue, or you might bump their lips with the wires.

Watch your lip pressure

Pressing hard on your boyfriend or girlfriend’s lips when going in for a kiss may not hurt them, but it will push the wires and brackets against your lips which can cause pain and discomfort.

Use dental wax

If kissing has been difficult in the past, you can try using wax on the bumpier parts of your braces. You can also put wax on your front top teeth if your partner experiences discomfort.

Battle bad breath

When it comes to kissing, your primary concern should be your breath. Since there are more places for food to get stuck if you’re wearing braces, you could end up with bad breath. To keep bad breath at bay, you can take disposable toothbrushes and floss with you on your dates, so you can brush and floss after eating so your breath is fresh for that kiss.

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