Everyone wants fresh breath. That’s why we spend so much money on mouthwash, “miracle” toothpaste, and other items. But how do you really keep your breath smelling fresh? Here are a few tips:

  • It Matters What You Eat. Yes, you probably already know this, but if you have bad breath, you should look at your diet. Don’t eat foods like garlic and onions. This can be difficult, because they’re in many foods, but they should be avoided if you want fresh breath. The problem is, no matter how much you brush, you will still smell like onions and garlic, because they’re absorbed through your bloodstream and eventually reach your lungs. Alcohol and sugar are bad-breath producers, too, because they either dry out your mouth or cause sticky, odorous buildup.
  • It Matters When You Eat. You should eat regular meals every day. The less you eat, the drier your mouth is, and the more bacteria build up you’ll have. When you eat and chew, your body produces saliva to help break down food before it reaches your stomach. The saliva also helps keep your breath smelling cleaner and whisks food particles away, down your throat.
  • Don’t Smoke. First, smoking dries out your mouth, causing gum and tooth damage. Second, it makes your breath smell like nicotine and smoke. If you quit smoking, better breath will be yet another benefit you’ll see when you stop.
  • Try Scraping Your Tongue. While you may be brushing your tongue several times a day, it can still be difficult to get to all of the bacteria that your tongue is harboring. Try using a tongue scraper to ensure that you’re getting the majority of the bacteria that’s sitting on your tongue and causing your breath to smell.
  • Visit Your Orthodontist. When your teeth are crooked, it can become very difficult to properly floss and brush the bacteria away, causing dental problems and smelly breath. The proper orthodontic care will ensure that your teeth are straight so that you take care of your teeth and avoid cavities and other problems in the future.
  • Brush and Floss Consistently. Don’t just brush—floss too, and do it after every meal, or at least as often as you can. Brush your whole mouth, including your gums and tongue. You’ll be able to brush and floss away bits of food that will start to decay and create an odor.

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