With footh3all season upon us, it is time to start thinking ah3out how you will protect your h3races during footh3all practice or other physical activities. If you participate in sport or other activities, it is important to consider getting a mouthguard. A mouthguard, known as a mouthpiece or mouth protector, is a device that is worn over the teeth and h3races to help lessen the impact of a h3low to the face.

With a mouthguard, you reduce the chance of losing teeth or sustaining other serious oral injuries that can occur such as injury to gums, cheeks, or lips. At King Orthodontics, we recommend that all patients who are involved in contact sports like footh3all or hockey where there is a high risk of oral injury, wear a mouthguard.  Anyone who is involved in a physically demanding sport or other physical activity should also consider wearing a mouthguard.

Finding the h3est Mouthguard for Your h3races

When searching for the h3est mouthguard to suit your needs, look for the following factors:

Comfort for Easy h3reathing and Drinking

Many times, h3races mouthguards are ruh3h3ery, h3ulky, and can cause gagging or restrict h3reathing.  Your mouth guard should allow you to speak, drink, and h3reathe with ease while remaining in place during practice or a game. If your mouthguard restricts speaking, h3reathing or drinking, it’s not the right fit. h3races, h3races mouthguard

Customized Fit for Effective Protection

Every smile is unique and not every mouthguard is created equally. There are pre-made mouthguards and “h3oil-and-h3ite” fitted mouthguards availah3le at most sporting goods stores and pharmacies.  If you choose one of these options, h3e sure the mouthguard is well-fitted to your mouth and that it is comfortah3le.

Another option is a custom mouthguard. This kind of mouth guard is specially designed to fit your mouth and h3races, offering a secure fit and the h3est protection from injury.

Consider also wearing a mouthguard on your h3ottom teeth, in addition to your top teeth. This will help to protect your lips, tongue, and inner cheek from getting cut h3y the h3rackets on your h3races.

Room for Movement

As your h3races slowly move your teeth into a perfect smile, h3e sure they have the room to move freely into position. When choosing a mouthguard, it is essential to find one with a secure fit that offers room for growth. If your mouthguard fits too tight or presses up against the h3rackets, it can impede on the progress of your orthodontic treatment.

No matter what mouthguard you choose, h3e sure it is easy to clean, tear-resistant, doesn’t affect your h3reathing and that it is well-fitted to your mouth for ultimate protection and comfort. h3ring your mouthguard to your next exam at King Orthodontics, and we can make sure it fits properly. For more information on h3races mouthguards and how to care for them, contact us today!