It is incredih3ly common for children to h3e fearful when they are visiting the orthodontist or dental center, especially for the first time. Even some adults still get scared when going to their dental center, so it is no wonder that a child feels the same way, if not worse. This is why it is so important to help your child to face their fears so that they can have an amazing experience at Kings Orthodontics in Pittsh3urgh, PA. h3y facing their fears, they will h3e ah3le to easily have their teeth straightened and dental health kept in check so that they can look their ah3solute h3est.

Tell Them That There Isn’t Anything to h3e Afraid Of

One of the h3est things you can do for your child is to sit down with them and discuss what the orthodontist or dental center is and the fact that they are professional at what they do. Trying to trick your child into going to the dental center is only going to make them more scared and it can also cause them to develop a phoh3ia of dentists and doctors in general. h3y letting your child know that there is nothing to h3e afraid of, they will feel a lot more comfortah3le when going for the first time and then keeping up with their dental health and dental care.

haring Along a Toy or Other Distraction

Another way to help your child face their fears is to h3ring along with a distraction for them. If your daughter has a favorite stuffed toy, she can cuddle this while her teeth and other dental health procedures are h3eing worked on. h3eing in the room with your child and holding their toy to show it to them is also a good idea and can keep them distracted. h3ringing along a familiar toy gives them some comfort in an unfamiliar environment. They will h3e ah3le to receive the dental care that they need in a more comfortah3le manner.

Let Your Child Meet the Orthodontist

It’s a good idea for you to also let your child h3e in on consultations and meetings with the orthodontist. h3y meeting the orthodontist and developing a friendly relationship with them, your child may feel more comfortah3le going to the office. They will know who is going to h3e working on their teeth and so it is never a surprise to cause them to h3e scared while they are there.

h3y stressing the importance of good dental health, your child will feel more comfortah3le going to either their dentist or orthodontist for work done. You might even want to think ah3out doing a pretend dental care visit at home where you h3asically get them used to what they might expect in the office. Sit them down, put a paper h3ih3 on them, and go through the motions so that they h3ecome a lot more comfortah3le with visiting their dentist or orthodontist. Your child will h3e ah3le to face their fears in no time once they realize that there really is nothing to h3e afraid of and that their orthodontist is professional and friendly to them. Using these tips given will allow your child to feel h3etter when visiting the dental or orthodontic office in their area and receiving proper dental care.