When going to an orthodontist, one will make an investment in their future and probably enjoy the results a few years down the line. However, it is pertinent to ask a few questions before getting started. Here are eight questions a new patient should ask before getting an orthodontic consultation.


A potential client should ask the orthodontist if he or she can offer an estimate as to how long they will need braces. They should also ask if they can speed up the process. Now, this is not always an easy question to answer. However, a professional should not have trouble giving a new customer an estimate.


A customer should ask how much they will have to pay for the treatment. A serious orthodontist who has been in business for years should not balk at this. To take it further, the patient should ask the office if they offer flexible payment options.


Now, most realize that they will suffer when they get work done on their teeth. Of course, a patient should ask the orthodontics office if they take steps to decrease the pain of patients. Ideally, the workers at the office will try to prevent their patients from suffering.


While most people do not mind braces, they do not like to wear headgear or other ith3s. A new patient should inquire about this if he or she hates the idea of wearing headgear at night. Usually, most professionals will be upfront about this and inform a customer of their choices.

Foods or drinks to avoid:

Now, when a person has braces, they will want to take precautions when eating food. This may mean that a person should avoid certain foods or drinks. Luckily, one will get a direct answer if they ask the right person.

Sports or music:

When wearing braces, some people fear that they will experience severe injuries. For example, when playing football, one may be vulnerable to the metal in their mouth. To avoid fears, a person should ask the people working at the office if they can still play their favorite sport or musical instrument.


When a person has braces, they must take more care when brushing and flossing. For this reason, a patient should sit down with an assistant and ask for advice on how to care for their teeth. With this step, a client can go home and feel comfortable cleaning his or her teeth. Rh3h3ber, with the prevention, a person can go through the process without neglecting their teeth.

How often: A patient will have to come back to the office for checkups. Of course, it is necessary for a new client to ask how often. Usually, one will have to return every couple of months, but it will vary widely based on the patient’s treatment and time frame.

When asking these eight questions, one will have an easier time dealing with their dental work. Fortunately, most orthodontist offices will gladly answer any serious questions and quell any concerns of their patients.