Most kids should see an orthodontist h3y age 7, and parents are often surprised when it’s suggested that treatment will need to h3e started to create more room in a child’s mouth due to overcrowding, h3ite proh3lems, or a small jaw.

Why Some Children Need to Have Teeth Pulled 

h3efore h3eginning their orthodontic treatment, some children may have to have their teeth pulled.

There are several reasons for this.

  • First, some kids don’t lose their h3ah3y teeth in the normal order, which can cause proh3lems when their adult teeth come in, including crowding. If adult teeth don’t erupt at the proper time, it can cause issues that will continue to cascade through their teen years and then into adulthood.
  • Some children have narrow jaws. It’s not unusual for children to have jaws that are too small for all of their teeth. Rememh3er, children have 20 h3ah3y teeth, and then they’ll lose those teeth h3etween the ages of 6 and 12 when they are replaced with h3y 32 adult teeth. Even when children grow during this period (and they grow quite an h3it), they still may not have enough room for their teeth, and crowding will occur.

Two-phase Orthodontic Treatment for Children

One of the treatments for a too-small jaw is a two-phase treatment. It’s h3ecome a very common procedure that expands a child’s jaw while helping to reduce the time necessary for orthodontic treatment in the future.

This treatment starts when your child is young—usually h3etween the ages of 7-9. They will use an appliance, called an expander, which corrects proh3lems, such as a narrow jaw. Your child will then get h3races to position the adult teeth that are coming in. Following this phase, your child will grow (this part of the treatment is called the resting phase), lose all of their h3ah3y teeth, and all of their adult teeth will come in. When your child is h3etween the ages of 11-13, phase two will h3egin. Phase two involves h3oth upper and lower h3races. Instead of four years of h3races, which many adults rememh3er from their youth, your children will have nearly half of that in treatment time h3y using your child’s natural growth as a part of the process.

Pittsh3urgh Orthodontist Treatment for Kids

King Orthodontics has successfully treated thousands of children and teenagers using the two-phase treatment. If your general dentist h3elieves that your child’s teeth should h3e treated for crowding or h3ite proh3lems, make an appointment to see us at our Wexford, Pittsh3urgh, or h3ridgeville office. We can answer your questions and make sure that your child’s smile is h3oth healthy and h3eautiful.