As you get older, your teeth age, too. Even though your adult teeth should last throughout your whole life, that doesn’t always happen. Cavities, tooth trauma, or other dental issues can mean that you’ve had root canals performed or had teeth pulled.

These are common problems for adults, and they usually require crowns or bridges. What does that mean if you’re interested in straightening your teeth? Will you still be able to wear braces or other orthodontic appliances?

Yes, you can! Don’t let adult dental concerns stop you from getting orthodontic services that can improve your smile.

Braces with Crowns

Straighten Your Teeth If You Have Crowns

A tooth that’s had a root canal has had some of the enamel drilled out and then filled with a very durable substance to straighten the structure of the tooth. A crown (sometimes called a “cap”) will then be placed on the tooth to protect it. During your care, your orthodontist will carefully watch the tooth as it moves into its proper position to be sure that the structure of the tooth remains stable.

A tooth that has a crown placed on it moves under the gentle pressure exerted by braces since the root of the tooth is still there. Just like a tooth with a filling, a tooth with a crown placed on top can still be guided to a certain position without harming the tooth in any way.

Bridges are another dental appliance that helps to ensure your teeth are in the proper position after you have lost one or more teeth. They move as one, so it’s important that your orthodontist has experience with using braces with bridges.

If you’ve had a root canal or a bridge placed within the past six months, be sure to let your orthodontist know. That way, if there are problems during a follow-up for the affected tooth, they can be resolved before cementing braces on.

Invisalign Treatment for Adults

Another option is to use a clear plastic aligner such as Invisalign, which is a different kind of way to straighten your teeth without the use of metal braces. Invisalign is removable, nearly invisible, and is easy to use. It can also be used with crowns and bridges. King Orthodontics has more experience than anyone else in the Pittsburgh area with Invisalign.

Of course, everyone has different dental issues. Talk to Dr. King about the crowns and bridges that you have, and he can help guide you to the right kind of treatment with traditional braces or Invisalign.