Teenagers have a lot on their plate these days. They’re busy with school, sports, and activities—not to mention the social pressures. They also happen to be growing and changing at a rapid pace, which means they’re more self-conscious about their appearance.

Teenagers who are happy about their appearance tend to be more confident. That confidence leads to happiness and better overall health. But raise your hand if you know any teen who is happy about their appearance. Is it possible to help boost your teenager’s self-esteem?

What if there was a way for you to boost your Pittsburgh teen’s self-esteem?

Now there is. As a promoter of National Teen Self-Esteem month, Invisalign Teen cares about the health of your child and is aware of the challenges that come from the teen years. Because teens tend to derive their self-confidence based on their appearance and what they consider attractive, they tend to shy away from anything that sets them apart.

Here’s where Invisalign Teen provided by King Orthodontist comes into play. Invisalign Teen was developed specifically with teens in mind, as an option that won’t affect their self-esteem. Here’s why:

The clear, nearly invisible aligners take away any insecurity about appearanceInvisalign straightens teeth while not introducing a new reason for your teen to feel self-conscious. Works equally as effectively as metal braces without the obvious appearance of braces Designed to improve your teen’s health while also maintaining their comfortCafeteria lunch hour is a breeze for your teen with Invisalign—the clear aligners may be removed and reinserted after eating! No food is caught in between brackets and wires to embarrass your teen busy teens who may not otherwise floss and take proper care of their teeth with metal braces are more likely to stay on top of good oral hygiene.

Make your Teen’s teenage years a little less bumpy

The teen years are precarious. Teenagers don’t have the life experiences to handle certain social situations, and they tend to be especially sensitive to their environment and how they’re perceived by their peers. The concern with low self-esteem is that it can lead to isolation and eating problems, inactivity, and depression.

Call King Orthodontist in Pittsburgh today to learn how you can give your teen a boost in self-esteem by straightening their teeth with Invisalign Teen and doing it in the most unobtrusive way possible. You’ll be glad you did!