When you wear metal braces, you must be especially careful to continue practicing good oral hygiene habits. That’s because braces can make it difficult to reach the food that’s become stuck in your teeth or to brush away the plaque that settles on everyone’s teeth.

If you are wearing braces, you’ll have to make sure that you’re flossing enough, and properly, so that your teeth are clean and will look wonderful during your orthodontic treatment and after, too. Proper dental care during this time will prevent problems during or after your treatment.

Here’s what we tell our patients when we talk about flossing with braces on.

  • You’ll need a floss threader. This small tool is a plastic “needle” that has an eye where you can thread floss. It fits behind your brace’s wires and allows you to gently move the floss up and down to capture and remove food that’s settled in the braces or between your teeth. You can also use Superfloss, which is made from a firm, plastic end, regular floss material, and spongy material that more easily catches particles of food in your teeth.
  • Only use waxed floss. Waxed floss glides more easily between teeth. You should place the waxed floss between the wire and braces, and then form a “c” shape by hugging your tooth with the floss.
  • Repeat with every tooth. That’s right—you’ll have to floss every single tooth, whether you are wearing your braces during the very first week, or you’re finishing up your orthodontic treatment. Thorough flossing may be difficult for those who are just beginning with braces, but it’s absolutely worth it. Your teeth will continue to be healthy during your treatment and then after.

Make sure that wearing braces doesn’t lead to cavities or tooth decay. Call King Orthodontics today at one of our convenient locations in the North Hills or downtown Pittsburgh. We can show you how to properly floss while wearing your braces and help you as you practice proper dental care.