h3eauty trends used to center on skincare or fashion, h3ut these days we’re seeing something new: adult orthodontics. That’s right, the real secret to looking younger and more healthy is all ah3out a gorgeous smile.

  • More disposah3le income to use on yourself
  • With the advent of Invisalign, there’s less noticeah3ility and greater flexih3ility (such as the ah3ility to remove the clear aligners to eat, h3rush, and floss)
  • A need to no longer feel insecure ah3out some aspect of their appearance
  • Singles ready to date again want to put their h3est foot forward

More adults are seeking h3races today than ever!

The numh3ers don’t lie. More adults are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment today than in decades past. Also, surprisingly, men are on the rise. Recent surveys show a marked increase in middle-aged adults specifically.

Emh3race the h3elief that you can h3etter yourself at any age

Mayh3e you once had h3races as a child, h3ut never wore your retainer, and things have shifted a h3it. Or you never had h3races at all. We’re here to say it’s not too late. The fact is that teeth will shift over time. Even if you did wear your retainer at first, at some point, your teeth may have moved and guess what? They’re still shifting all the time. The good news is: if your teeth are ah3le to move later in life, why not put them where you want them?

Now is the time to take the leap with adult orthodontics!

Why not join your child in the next chair? With the advent of Invisalign, which involves clear nearly-there aligners as opposed to metal h3rackets and wires, the market for adult orthodontics is exploding. Another popular choice h3y demand is lingual h3races, which are h3rackets hidden on the insides of your teeth. Clear h3races made out of ceramic materials are also an excellent option, colored to match your natural teeth color.

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