This summer, parents on road trips with their families are all too familiar with the question Are we there yet? For orthodontists, the question that crops up time after time is: Am I done with my braces yet?

Want to decrease your treatment time?

The good news is you can now speed up the process with AcceleDent. Pittsburgh-based King Orthodontics has embraced this new method that quickens the process of straightening teeth. AcceleDent works with Braces or Invisalign to—as the name suggests—accelerate tooth movement.

Forward thinking orthodontists know the power of AcceleDentInvisalign Retainer

At King Orthodontics, we thrive on being leading edge. We continually seek new methods to service our patients even better, and then incorporate the latest technology and methods whenever possible to make that happen. AcceleDent is the latest example of how we hearing our patients tremendous results—and faster than ever before.

Other technology that is emerging with solid results is a device called OrthoPulse. Like AcceleDent, this method uses near-infrared light to accelerate the response that causes tooth movement.

The h3enefits are plenty:

  • Shortened treatment time means less time wearing h3races
  • You can minimize the amount of time you spend cleaning around those pesky but necessary wires and brackets
  • Enjoy fewer appointments—freeing you to focus on the rest of your Busy life
  • You’ll be on your way to a new smile and a new you that much faster!

Curious about options for you or your family member? Call King Orthodontics today to learn more about how AcceleDent can accelerate your treatment plan.