When it comes to straightening teeth, every individual has unique needs. How do you know which professional to see? What are the roles of dentists versus orthodontists?

Dentistry vs Orthodontics

Dentists are educated to perform an array of services such as clean teeth, fill cavities, and attend to your overall oral health. Some provide surgeries. Some dentists also offer braces.

While it may very well be that your current dentist is capable of providing braces, the American Association of Orthodontics recommends that you consult with an orthodontist for straightening teeth or fixing a bite. Especially in complicated cases, you want to be sure you leverage a specialist.

Here’s why orthodontists are specialists:

  • Required to complete two to three additional years of education and training specifically in teeth straightening and jaw alignment.
  • Well versed in an array of treatment options
  • Trained to know limitations of various treatment options so you don’t start and stop or have problems post-treatment
  • Up to speed on the latest technology and treatment options to provide the best service.

What if my dentist has completed continuing education?

That’s helpful, but still can’t take the place of the additional years an orthodontist spends learning and training and working in their specialty. It may be that your straightening needs, or those of your child’s, are relatively straightforward. However, when it comes to your health, isn’t it worth it to you to work with a professional with the most expertise possible?

Dentists and Orthodontists work together

Ideally, you will enjoy a lifetime of wonderful dental care provided by your dentist. Think of an orthodontist as the partner who supplements this steady dental care by providing a specific service, leveraging their deep pool of knowledge in straightening and bite alignment. Your dentist and orthodontist will share information to provide you with the most comprehensive care possible.

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