By using 3D Scanning, King Orthodontics further our education of providing you with expert, effective dental care. 3D scanning allows your orthodontist to more accurately diagnose your dental issues so they can develop an effective treatment plan.

How Does a 3D Scan Work?

Using a cone-beam computed tomography machine (CBCT), your orthodontist can create a 3D image of your mouth and skull, showing more accurate details than traditional impressions or an x-ray can’t provide.

Rita, a member of the King Orthodontics team, discusses how the method of 3D scanning works and how it provides images that are used for making dental appliances without the use of the uncomfortable putty of traditional molds.
Benefits of 3D Scanning

This advanced technology provides patients with a variety of benefits, including:

  • More accurate impressions- With 3D scanning, we can eliminate human error, keep the impression area clean, and eliminate distortion for a more accurate impression.
  • Mistakes are spotted sooner- If there is a mistake in the impression, it can be immediately corrected, rather than waiting for the impression to cast like with conventional impressions.
  • Impressions can be utilized faster- With digital scanning, the impression is immediately available for use to begin your treatment plan whereas, with conventional impressions, you have to wait for the impression to set, be cleaned, etc. before it can be shipped out for treatments like Invisalign or used to develop a treatment plan.

Advanced Technology for Quality Orthodontic Care

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