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Treatable Cases

Invisalign® can treat most dental irregularities, from teeth that are a bit crooked or gapped to more serious problems, such as underbites, overbites, and crossbites.

Invisalign® was designed to treat bite and jaw issues just like braces are—plus, Invisalign® offers greater comfort, is removable, and is nearly invisible.

Dr. King has before and after pictures below that can give you a better idea of the kinds of bite problems and malocclusions that Invisalign® treats in adults and teens. Although everyone will notice your improved smile, it’s just as important that your teeth and mouth are healthy. Healthy, correctly positioned teeth help with correct speech, chewing, and are less likely to have to be replaced by dentures as you grow older.

Take a look at each of these pictures to see what dental conditions Invisalign® corrects. Dr. King can also answer any questions about bite or spacing problems that you may not see here.


A too-wide jawbone or missing teeth may be the cause of this. It can produce chewing problems and lead to periodontal disease due to the lack of protection around the teeth. Your teeth may also shift because of extra room in your mouth.


An overbite is the common term for an “overjet,” which is when your upper teeth bite over your lower teeth. Since it can unevenly wear down your lower teeth and cause gum irritation, it can lead to jaw problems.


An underbite is caused by growth problems on either the upper or lower jaw or by missing upper teeth. It causes your lower teeth to jut past your upper teeth and can interfere with your front teeth and your molars’ normal function.


When your upper and lower teeth do not touch as you close your mouth, it is an open bite. It can be due to an abnormal jaw structure or because of too much thumb sucking. An open bite can affect your chewing and your speech, and should be corrected before it leads to serious problems like TMJ (thermo-mandibular joint disorder).


If your jaw and mouth aren’t large enough to comfortably fit all of your adult teeth, you will experience crowding. Not only can this cause crooked teeth, but adult teeth may not be able to erupt because there simply is no room. Having crowded teeth can also make it difficult to properly brush and floss, leading to possible tooth decay.


A crossbite is usually caused by a misalignment of both the upper and lower jaws. With this occurs, your upper teeth are likely to bite on the inside of your lower teeth, which will cause improper wearing of your teeth, and more seriously, bone loss.

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I have 4 children who are patients of King Orthodontics and we always look forward to our visits. The atmosphere is relaxing and the staff is kind, & courteous. To top it off, we have never had to wait more than 10 minutes or so! Dr. King... and Dr. Bryan, are kind and knowledgeable and easily accessible too. I can’t say enough about this practice!

Elizabeth K, Monroeville PA

I just wanted to take a minute to write and let you know what a wonderful addition Dr. DeMiria is to your office. I was in twice this week and saw Dr. DeMiria on Monday for the first time. She is absolutely wonderful - just so nice and she really seems to be invested in her patients. The entire staff at Wexford office is wonderful and Dr. DeMiria is just icing on the cake.

Jen R, Pittsburgh PA

I absolutely love King Orthodontics!! The staff are so friendly and actually care about you and your teeth. Almost everyone who works there knows you by name which is very uncommon for a place with so many patients. It is so worth the hour drive it takes me to get there. I would highly recommend King Orthodontics to anyone!!!!!

Andrew G, Midland PA