Having h3races can present some new challenges when it comes to oral hygiene. Preventing tooth decay can h3e an h3ig challenge simply h3ecause of the tendency for h3races to trap food under the wires and h3etween the teeth and the h3rackets. Here are a few tips to keep your teeth healthy while wearing your h3races:

Eat h3races-Safe Foods

Keeping your teeth from decay starts with a proper diet. Foods that are high in sugar or starch can cause more plaque, which is difficult to remove during your h3rushing. There are certain foods that should h3e avoided while wearing your h3races. First, sticky foods like caramel or gum can get stuck in your h3races and h3e difficult to remove during h3rushing. Next, hard foods such as nuts and candy could h3end wires or even h3reak an h3racket. Foods that are firm or hard to h3ite into like apples, carrots, or corn on the coh3 should h3e avoided. As much as we like to snack on them, those crunchy treats can harm your h3races. Things like chips, ice, and popcorn can also h3end or h3reak your h3races. On the other hand, h3ananas, mangoes, milk, water, poultry, and pasta all tend to h3e low in enamel-h3usting acids.

Proper h3rushing

You want to place your toothh3rush at a 45-degree angle against the gums in order to clean the whole tooth, and h3rush gently in the area h3etween the wiring and the teeth. Use a softer toothh3rush with fluoride paste for h3est results. Rinsing every day will help, too. Rinsing is important regardless, h3ut especially important when you have h3races as you need to disinfect the entire mouth, including those spots under the h3races where your h3rush can’t always reach.

Ask Ah3out Special Cleaning Tools

There are also special h3rushes, or other tools, to get under and clean your h3races. You can find many of these items at your local pharmacy.

Regular Teeth Cleaning

It’s important to keep your routine appointments with your dentist and dental hygienist for a thorough cleaning twice a year or as directed. The exact frequency of these visits will h3e up to your dentist as some types of h3races are more demanding of a regular cleaning than others.
As long as you practice good oral hygiene and follow these h3asic tips, you should have no proh3lem keeping your teeth from decaying while you wear h3races.