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How Do Braces Properly Position My Teeth?

When you come to an orthodontic consultation for either yourself or your child, you’ll probably have a lot of questions for the doctors and their staff. For example: What am…

Why do I have to wear Rubber Bands on my braces?

Each part of your braces work together to guide your teeth to the proper position, and to allow your orthodontist the ability to make adjustments to your braces, so that…

Water Picks and Braces

Keeping your teeth clean while you’re wearing braces can be difficult. Food can get stuck in the braces, and you have to be diligent to brush and floss it away.

The Use of Mouthwash

Mouthwash You’re probably heard your dentist tell you to brush, floss, and use mouthwash every day. Brushing, of course, removes debris from teeth before it can turn into plaque and…

The Importance of Oral Health in Older Adults

Oral Health for Older Adults Good oral health is important for everyone, from birth on. As you grow older, it becomes even more crucial to maintain your teeth and gums….

Your Brace Relationship

The Relationship Between you and your Braces Your experience with orthodontic braces will either be a good or bad time, depending on your attitude during the journey toward a perfect…

Curing Your Bad Breath

Curing Bad Breath Curing your bad breath can only begin once you know why an unpleasant aroma is emanating form your mouth. There are many possible reasons for having bad…

Advantages of Clarity Braces for Adults

Clarity Braces Many adults need to have orthodontic treatment, but are hesitant because they don’t want to wear noticeable metal braces. Some of it is related to their job: If…

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Excellence In Service

I have 4 children who are patients of King Orthodontics and we always look forward to our visits. The atmosphere is relaxing and the staff is kind, & courteous. To top it off, we have never had to wait more than 10 minutes or so! Dr. King... and Dr. Bryan, are kind and knowledgeable and easily accessible too. I can’t say enough about this practice!

Elizabeth K, Monroeville PA

Amazing staff and service. Invisalign was such a simple process and I got such awesome results. Everything about the experience was worth it all! Thank you to all the staff for such a great experience. I highly recommend anyone to see King Orthodontics for any orthodontic work! There's a reason they are the best of the best and you'll notice that the entire process.

Jen R, Pittsburgh PA

I absolutely love King Orthodontics!! The staff are so friendly and actually care about you and your teeth. Almost everyone who works there knows you by name which is very uncommon for a place with so many patients. It is so worth the hour drive it takes me to get there. I would highly recommend King Orthodontics to anyone!!!!!

Andrew G, Midland PA